Ancestor Figure"Mimika"

Ancestor Figure"Mimika"

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The "Mimika" live on the central southern coast of western New Guinea [Irian Jaya], between Triton Bay, the south-eastern boundary of the Korvar area, and the Otokwa River, the western fringe of the Asmat.  The art of the Mimika people is related to its western and eastern neighbors.  Mimika art is more or less unknown outside of the Dutch collections.  It is a strongly architectured art form, with human figures typically carved in a combination of solid and 'empty' parts."

  • Region:   Irian Jaya          

  • Ethnic group: Mimika            

  • Material: Wood          

  • Dimensions:     

  • Provenance:Dutch collection

  • Age estimate: Circa 1950

  • Condition: Good, traces of wear due to age and use.Nice patina