Chokwe Figure

Chokwe Figure


Rare and early Chokwé female figure

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The Chowke people live in woodland savanna, but are also found along rivers and marshland with strips of rainforest.In the north, the Chokwe are known as skilled hunters. In south, their livelihood has traditionally centered around cultivation of staple crops such as cassava, yams, millet, beans, peanuts and corn .They are regionally famous for their exceptional crafts work, particularly with baskets, pottery, mask carving, statues, stools and other handicrafts.The Chokwe people believe that works of arts such as handicrafts and carved objects are spiritual, connect them to their ancestors and god Kalunga or Nzambi.


  • Region: RDC/Angola      

  • Ethnic group:  Tchokwé          

  • Material: Wood           

  • Dimensions:  H: 38cm   

  • Provenance: Belgian Colonial Collection

  • Age estimate: Circa 1930

  • Condition: Good, traces of wear due to age and use.