Xhosa Pipe"INQAWE""

Xhosa Pipe"INQAWE""

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The Xhosa people of Southern Africa are famous for their hand carved pipes, particularly the long pipes smoked by their women. Coarse Boer plug tobacco was a standby of the local trading stores and both men and women carried elaborately beaded cloth bags in which to carry tobacco, matches and other small personal possessions, since tribal dress had no pockets. The pipes are carved by men from one piece of wood , with the bowls lined with tin from an old can to preserve them from burning out too quickly. They were smoked by inserting a reed mouthpiece into the end of the stem

  • Region:  South Africa           

  • Ethnic group: Xhosa           

  • Material: Wood,glass,metal      

  • Dimensions:  L:55cm H:19cm  

  • Provenance: J.Sabine

  • Age estimate:circa 1930

  • Condition: Good, traces of wear due to age and use.