Igbo Kola nut bowl 'Okwa Oji'

Igbo Kola nut bowl 'Okwa Oji'

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Kola nut container 

Igbo Tribe / Nigeria

ref: African Art in American Collections P:560 

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A stimulant, kola nuts are widely traded throughout West Africa, and people share and consume them during ritual and ceremonial occasions. Carved in hard, blackened wood, this serving tray, with delicate incised patterns around its rim, holds the nuts; a central container serves for sauces and spices

  • Region: Nigeria               

  • Culture: Igbo              

  • Material: Wood               

  • Dimensions: W:42cm H:20cm       

  • Provenance: Belgian Collection

  • Age estimate: Mid 20th century

  • Condition: Good, traces of wear due to age and use.

  • Here an example in the museum of Fine Art Boston