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Jacket of flexible armor whose lower part is a rigid cylinder made of rattan leaves braid mounted in tubes. The upper part in two similar parts is a knitting of yellow and black orchid fibers ending in triangles. Rattan rings and fibers connect the whole.
A small element in parrot feathers or blue green parakeet is attached directly decoratively to the intersection of the two materials. Working for women but not only, these jackets protect against arrows and lances.
For a model very close cf New Guinea Art - Masterpieces from the Jolika collection of Marcia and John
Friede - Vol. II page Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco De Young 2005 For further reading, read Wirz and Le Roux

  • Region:    New Guinea         

  • Ethnic group:    Highlands        

  • Material:  Fibre         

  • Dimensions:   H:54 W:47  

  • Provenance:  Collection Netherlands

  • Age estimate:1950 or earlier

  • Condition: Good, traces of wear due to age and use.

  • Mounted